Neighbor’s Pub

My final stop on our Critical Virginia-Highland Tour concludes with Neighbor’s Pub. Located  at 752-C North Highland Avenue (directly next door to Hand N Hand bar) Neighbor’s Pub serves as an active watering hole for college kids and young professionals. I had the chance to briefly speak to Andy Waterhouse, Neighbor’s eccentric manager who was ironically just as sporadic and fun filled as the establishment that he’s employed. What sets Neighbor’s pub apart from other bars within the Virginia-Highland community is their daily events. For example, when I ventured to Neighbors this past Wednesday they were hosting a patio Cornhole Tournament. What is “Cornholing” you might ask? (Keep in mind, yes, I do know how it sounds but allow me to teach your critical thinkers something new). Cornhole is easy enough to follow. There are two teams. Each team has at least two boards each with a hole in them. The object is to throw corn filled beanbags successfully into your opponents’ hole. Within the Virginia-Highland area there are several organized teams of former Pan-Hellenic Greek and non-Greek affiliations that compete in tournaments at different places around the city (Pictures below if you don’t believe me). The object of the game is to score points by either keeping a bag on the board or making a bag in the hole, a “Cornhole.”

With its pub-crawls, comedy nights, and occasional acts of live music or drunken karaoke, Neighbors entertains locals by showcasing the Highland’s offbeat hipster and yuppie scene.