Green B. Adair Mansion

George Adair was a Talladega County Alabama native who, after migrating to Georgia following his service in the Confederate army, became a successful cotton merchant. Described by historians as one of the most beloved Atlanta residents during his time (Late 1850’s until his death in 1914). Originally named Wood Cliff in 1895, the Adair mansion was originally to serve as the affluent Adair family’s summer home, yet eventually the family opted to adopt Wood Cliff Mansion as their full-time residence.

Today this Mediterranean style home is located at Adair and Rupley Drive, in the former Nine-Mile-Circle train transportation district. The official address is 964 Rupley Drive. Surrounded by Virginia-Highlands historic bungalows, the Adair Mansion has successfully managed to maintain it’s prestige. Amidst the quiet single family homes that share it’s neighborhood, the Adair mansion sits condescendingly atop its recognizable hill like a judgmental grandfather.  Of course the last 150 years have brought about some changes to the property. Today, the Adair mansion is a subdivision, separated into five condominiums. Despite its modification, the historic Adair mansion serves as an upscale tourist attraction and landmark symbol of the wealth of the Old South. (Linda Merrill 4)

On The Travel Trail Trivia: The Adair Mansions original address was 1000 Highland Avenue.